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If you run a business that has many employees or customers in your facility on a daily basis, Powerful Cleaning offers a Day Porter Service in Memphis and Cordova TN, Southaven, Ridgeland and Jackson MS.The day porter services provider is the person who is able to ensure that your facility always has a shiny, neat, and appealing appearance at all times.


A day porter takes care of regular cleaning and maintenance activities throughout the day. Rather than waiting for night time to do a massive cleaning, the cleaning and maintenance tasks are ongoing to keep up with the level of traffic throughout the day. If you’re not sure if a daytime porter is right for you, here are some good indicators it might be.


The portering service in Tennessee & Mississippi, offered by Powerful Cleaning LLC are unparalleled in their comprehensiveness. When compared to those of other porter cleaners in the industry, our prices are more affordable.

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6 Reasons Why You Need Day Porter Service

1. High Traffic :  If you have many people using your restrooms and walking your halls throughout the day, you likely need a daily janitor. Whether those people are employees or customers, it’s unlikely that a night time cleaning will keep your facility as clean as it needs to be during business hours.

2. Health Regulations :  If there are specific health codes your facility must meet, a daytime porter can help you keep on top of them. This can apply to a number of facilities including schools and health services enterprises. Meeting these health codes is often necessary to stay in business and a daily janitorial service can make sure you meet all health regulations.

3. Public Spaces :  Likewise, there are some public spaces that benefit from daytime porters. Even though you may not have strict health regulations, if you run public spaces like museums, transportation stations or malls, the public expects your facilities to be clean. Otherwise, they may decide not to return. Keep your spaces clean by employing more than just a night time staff; have someone there to maintain a clean space throughout the day.

4. Image Maintenance :  If you run a business that needs to keep a polished image ” like a legal or investment firm ” making sure your space is clean is a must. You want to put your best foot forward, no matter who may drop by at any time. Hiring a daytime janitorial service can help you focus on your business while they focus on your business’ image.

5. 24 Hour Facilities :  If your business never closes, it’s not possible to keep cleaning off hours like overnight. Instead, employ someone who can help you keep things clean while the most people are there. You can’t wait to clean when no one is there because you never close. Make sure when the highest traffic comes through your door, you have someone on staff to clean up the accompanying mess.

6. High Security Clearance :  In some high security businesses, there are regulations that state that no one can be in the building unsupervised. This can wreak havoc on night time cleaning schedules. Instead, hiring a daytime porter can mean that cleaning still gets done while adhering to the strictest security standards.

Our service porters are knowledgeable in scheduling, and we recognize and respect the value of time. We provide day porter services in TN and MS,  that are comprehensive and carried out on a consistent timetable, free of any time-consuming procedures or additional costs that may be disguised.
There are many reasons to hire a daytime porter. In addition to keeping your business spic and span, you can make sure you’re meeting a number of other business-critical requirements like health regulations, security guidelines and maintain a pristine image.
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