May 6, 2019

How often should you power wash your home

Everyone’s home is different, so it’s hard to know when you need pressure washing services. While it’s important to keep your home clean, pressure washing too often can damage the

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April 20, 2019

How much water does a pressure washer consume

Today, we are going to answer a highly asked question about water consumption when using a pressure washer. Most of the potential customers ask this very question while we

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ECO friendly cleaning
February 12, 2019

Protecting the Environment with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

World over as economies grow and companies strengthen in numbers, the demand of maintaining a clean work space too also grows. Powerful Cleaning LLC understands and is prepared to meet

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning
January 8, 2019

Universal Rules of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

No matter what sector you’re in, office space faces a lot of traffic. Because of the nature of this, it is imperative that your floors are exposed to staining, damage

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