Top 3 Post-Construction Cleanup Tips

At last the time has come, the construction workers are out, the machines are put away and the bill is paid. Your construction project is complete…. Or so we thought.

Now comes the post construction cleanup part and that is in every sense of the Last Straw. For you to achieve that final look, feel & vibe from your construction project, you need a Professional Cleaning Service near you.

We at Powerful Cleaning LLC specialize in Post Construction Cleaning Services. Everything from dust, dirt, chunks of drywall, plaster, dirty windows, floor polishing and more.

Leave it to Powerful Cleaning LLC to turn that post construction apocalyptic mess into the beautiful image etched in your memory.

Here are just 3 tips to consider for post construction cleaning that you can consider during or near the completion of your construction project.

  • Safety, Safety & Safety

A post construction site may turn out to be just as dangerous as it was during construction. There may residual chemicals or composites, dangerous machinery or even ladders & carts lying about. Therefore it is utmost important that your construction is thoroughly inspected prior to clean up to assess exactly what degree of cleaning is required and what safety measures need to be put in place. This will be a mutual understanding.

  • Equipment & Supplies

Once Powerful Cleaning LLC has had a chance to inspect and assess the construction site, we now can comfortable allocate the right team and the right equipment & supplies to your post-construction cleanup. Because without the right team, equipment & supplies a few days job may take several weeks and that is NOT in anyone’s favor.

  • Using a Step by Step Approach

Powerful Cleaning LLC uses a step by step or phased approach to all of its cleaning services, but especially post construction cleanup due its sensitive nature and need for excellence and thoroughness. We are in no rush because your safety and health comes first but don’t worry we aren’t looking to become permanent house guests either. The “Plan of Action” will be shared with you prior to starting with a 99% accurate Estimated Time of Completion!