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Powerful Cleaning & Restoration LLC would like to thank everyone for welcoming my son to Jackson State and the city itself. I know he has the skills needed to carry on our family tradition. Covering the entire state of MS gives us the ability to adapt to any job. Not only are we here to "Keep it Clean in 2018"We want our company to grow and bring more local jobs to both the North MS & Memphis communities, and the new Jackson center. If we are able to support our new community and give our neighbors the opportunity to make a good living, we all win!

Marble polishing in Memphis
Marble is a permeable stone. The best marble treatment starts with a delicate pH neutral wash that expels and kills antiacidic and acidic components that have been caught in the pores of the marble surface. These components are ordinarily kept by consistent cleaning with general cleansers that in the end adjust the compound creation of the marble at first glance. With a pH neutral cleaner, we at Powerful Cleaning, pre-treat the surface so it is prepared for the cleaning procedure.

High heat and abresion polishing
Our industry driving floor cleaning blend contains precious stone powder and crystalline smaller scale abrasives to accomplish the best cleaning outcomes. Our front line floor polisher crushes the floor surface at to 300 RPM, producing huge warmth and grinding which Activates the jewel powder to strip away scratch checks and dull surfaces from your marble flooring. Due to the hardness of the jewel and crystalline powder blend, it accomplishes a remarkable outcome on your marble floors that you can see. Our trusted Clients frequently reveal to us their floors look shiner than they previously got them!

After Polishin Inspection
Now, your floor ought to have been cleaned to a high sparkle. How so ever, there may in any case be little remainders of profound scratches and different defects. Here at Poweeful Cleaning we do the best marbel polishing services in Memphis and we don't make due with anything not as much as flawlessness and our experts will inspect your floor from different light edges to spot issue regions that need greater treatment. Once these regions are distinguished, our professionals utilize a hand device to re-clean the particular issue spots until the point that we align them with whatever is left of your reflexive marble floor. The floor is then washed again with a pH neutral cleaner to expel any garbage from the cleaning procedure.