Marble Polishing: Homeowner’s FAQ

Homeowners love the inclusion of natural stone and stonework in their homes, marble is one very popular natural stone that adds style & flavor to your home, not to mention it cools quicker than carpeting and stays cool longer than fabric work.

That being said, it is a task maintaining your natural stone or marble flooring. Here are some common frequently asked questions that homeowners have asked us, we thought to share it with our readers and clients because well they are very common frequently asked questions.

I’ve often polished my marble, why is it damaging now?

This is perhaps the most common question & scenario Powerful Cleaning LLC has experienced when it comes to marble polishing. It’s not just homeowners but inexperienced professionals too can easily end up using the wrong mix of chemicals or process and end up ruining your marble tiles or countertop.

A marble stone is exquisite and expensive and it’s best to always leave the maintenance and cleaning of such natural stone surface polishing to the professionals.

My neighbor’s marble is always so beautiful, can’t I just do what they do?

Your neighbor may have the right combination of chemicals and process but each marble stone is unique and requires close inspection first before deciding what is the right mix of chemicals and process of polishing of your marble.

Even the slightest variation in chemicals and process can end up ruining your marble by staining the stone or even blemishing it.

I can’t call a professional every time, what can I do to better care for my marble?

Admittedly a professional is the best way to go, so if you haven’t consulted a professional before it’s time to consult Powerful Cleaning LLC for your marble polishing and care. Once our professional has had a chance to inspect your marble stone we can then better suggest techniques that you can practice to minimize the need for professional marble polishing services.