How much water does a pressure washer consume

Today, we are going to answer a highly asked question about water consumption when using a pressure washer. Most of the potential customers ask this very question while we are talking about their washing requirements. Often times, the question is usually, “How much water does the pressure washer use?” or “How much water will we need to wash our roof/ patio etc.?”

Generally, there is no way to accurately estimate the precise water usage beforehand since each job is unique. BUT we can certainly expect a significantly reduces water usage when utilizing a pressure washer compared to doing the exact same job with a power scrub washer or a garden water hose.

In order to explain in a better way, we’d like to illustrate a comparison:

Car washing: water consumption using a pressure washer in comparison with a garden hose:

“A standard garden hose uses approximately 10 gallons per minute. This means it uses 100 gallons of water with only a 10-minute car wash. When you use a self-shutoff nozzle on your hose, the water does not flow continuously while you wash your vehicle, saving up to 70 gallons per wash.

Using a power washer can save even more water. Power washing machines use, on average, 2 to 5 gallons per minute, with a potential savings of up to 80 gallons compared to using a standard hose without a self-closing nozzle.

Water usage while showering: “In an average household, showers are usually the third largest water usage after toilets and washing machines. The average American shower uses 17.2 gallons and lasts about 8.2 minutes at an average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute (gpm) (7.9 lpm). “

Water usage of washing machines: “New, High-Efficiency Washers (front loading or top loading machines) can use 14 to 25 gallons (53 L to 94.6 L) of water per load…”

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